You are not a independent recording artist

You are not a independent recording artist!
You are a rapper that's dreaming of being a independent artist or a major recording artist.
A rapper post in facebook music groups, attends open Mics, place their music on low budget Mixtapes…

Without promotions you are wasting your time

When most major artist release a album, single or perform. they always have promotions all the up to the event or release. Remember you want everyone talking about you. So you should have the internet going crazy blasting out your…

Why? Get magazine placements?

Getting magazine & blog placements are very important to promote your music projects. Most magazines & blogs have over 1.5 million readers. This will get more people looking at your videos & reading about you. If they like your music…

A Good Song Will Not Get You Fans!

We notice alot of managers & indie labels that think they Know everything about the music business. Most havnt sold more than 10-100 records online. Spending $500-$1,000 on promotions will not help. If you dont have a HIT! Record. &amp…

Thats Not A Listening Party!!

A listening party & a get together are two different things. A get together is when you invite friends out to listen to your new music
this is actually a waste of time. Think about it. Did they buy your…

Who's the real plug

who's the real plug? You are the real plug. Dont be fooled by fake management. That dont have a clue on the business. Most just like hanging around major artist & taken pics to fool you. but can they put…

Niella D

While some females artist try to sale records by getting naked or having a fake image Niella D gets straight to the business of hiphop. Releasing many mixtapes & attending rap battles all over philly. Most recent project is her…

Why you're not getting paid For your music?

getting your music in ITunes, Amazon & Other online stores is just the first steps to sale units. You must have marketing & promotions to reach buyers. Posting Your buy links on Facebook all-day will not help you sale your…

Showcase Scam!!!

The biggest scam in the rap game is
showcases. A Indie artist may pay $50-
$250 to perform for other artists &
people in the business that can't or has
no attentions on helping them. Most industry people are paid…

Dae Dae signs with 300 entertainment

Dae Dae indie artist from Atlanta signs a major deal with 300 Entertainment. Same label Young Thug is signed to. Now lets
Take a look at what got him signed. First
he release good music & not only did he…

Madstreetent Entertainment New Music 2016

Madstreet Entertainment hits the streets running hard this summer. With some of the the best talent from the south
& the midwest. First release is Alabama's own Kenny Thomas one of the hottest artist in Tuscaloosa. He's definitely in a…

Niggas Don't Support Niggas

You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? If you have 20 tickets to sale for your upcoming event & nobody buys them. Something is wrong!! You telling me your so called friends are not supporting you? Ok well…