Build a foundation in the music industry

A dreamer is a person who dreams about being successful not understanding theirs alot of work and investing that needs to be done.
Most indie artists that has no clue of the business are the first ones to complain about getting paid. To receive a royalty check someone must BUY your music. Facebook likes do not mean you will be receiving a check. Posting in facebook music groups is the same as performing in front of other artists. This will not help sales of your music it makes you look weak! Stop begging people or getting mad because they are not supporting you. What have you done to support yourself? How can a $25.00 a month promotions package help you sale units? Real indie artists are spending 5k - 10k on their projects to get it to major outlets. You will never make it on a shoestring budget you will need a investor or you will stay a dreamer.
Remember theirs no love in the music industry and labels only will sign artists that has a fan base. So many artists are saying they going to stay indie. That's a great idea if you have a budget of 10k or more. But if you can barely keep your phone on you need to be focus on building a buzz so a label can invest in your music. A budget of 1k-2k can build your fan base but only if you take advice from someone who actually knows the business. Jumping from promotional companies to promotional companies make you look desperate build with someone
Make sure you stay in contact with your promo team daily this will build a relationship and loyalty. Depending on who you work with they may do things free for you.
Bottom line you must build a foundation. It takes 1-4 years to break a artist your first year should be building your social media sites.

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