You Don't Need Friends! You Need Fans!

You do not have fans you have friends.
a friend will only support you when its something free (mixtape) a friend will tell you you're the hottest thing on the streets. A friend will tell you to try out for the open MIC contest. A friend will hit like on everything you post on facebook. Now let take a closer look! A friend will not go online and purchase your music from ITunes or any other online store. A friend will not tell you you're music is garbage. A friend will not tell you to stop acting like you're famous. You don't need friends! You need fans! So many artists we see doing the same as they did last year. And the year before that. Posting in every facebook music group. Why? No one cares about your music but you. Why? Post your music to other artists? All day. Stop wasting your time and get real promotions & marketing if you're not setting goals with your music you are lost. Bottom line most artists are not educated at all it takes a good mind to do anything in life not only music. Most artists won't even pick up a book and read about the music industry. I have talked to many. Most artists think someone famous going to blow them up if they give them their music. Wrong! Some artists think sound cloud is promotions. Wrong! Ook you're number 1 on Reverbnation. Smh Don't you know Reverb is one of the biggest music scams in business. How are you number 1 and can't get a paid show or radio play in your own city? Stop being stupid. Get fans! Stopping thinking just because you have 500-700 YouTube Views that you are blowing up & getting support. Do you know what support is? Support is when Revolt, or any major music outlets call you for a live interview. Not doing the same things other artists in your city is doing. So what you have opened up for Trina 10 times your music still local with NO buzz. Stop listening to your friends. Find some fans invest in real marketing and promotions. (You Don't Need Friends)

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