You Do Not Have A Real Record Label

What can your indie label offer to artist? Do you have major distribution? If so good. But can you get their music to national radio? In order to be a real label you must be able to get your artist to major radio stations & on Billboard charts.
Being a real label is not about having a label release party without having a full staff or the proper management of a label. What can your label do for a artist? Throwing open mics & showcase's is not what labels do. How can you fully run a label when you say you are still learning the business? But take a look at who you are learning from. Are these people just facebook labels? Facebook managers? If so the artist you have on your label is in trouble & you & your artists will always stay in conflict with each other. Because most good artists wants to move to the next level. But if you have open mic artists you'll be good because those are the ones who will never progress. So ask yourself what can you provide for a artist. Because you must have a service to stay in business.

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