Most artists think they have real management. Because someone tells them they can make things happen. Really? Truthfully most people just play & pretend to be a manager. You can find these types of people in every city. Maybe they know & are friends with alot of club promoters in your area. Most of them love going to concerts & events just to take pictures of them with stars & industry people. Or maybe they have a online blog radio station. But be real! What are they really doing for your career? Most major artists won't even look at a indie artist if they don't have numbers. So when your manager tells you he or she is the plug. Ask them how? & what artist have they worked with. To be truthfully nobody is or has a plug. Because you are your own plug. Management should be teaching you the business. Not having you doing open mics & following behind major artists. This is what local managers do.
have you perform in all local clubs in your city, sign you up to open for major artists & keep you broke & unsuccessful. You have local management doing this in every city. & if a artist isn't smart or just love going places in the hood they have never been. They will think that this is real management. A real manager will have you doing things in your city other artists from your city isn't doing. Anybody can book you a free show in the hood. But are they taking care of your paperwork giving you opportunities to get on national charts? Or do they have you on the same blog radio show week after week. 2016 its time to take care of your own business.

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