You are not a independent recording artist

You are not a independent recording artist!
You are a rapper that's dreaming of being a independent artist or a major recording artist.
A rapper post in facebook music groups, attends open Mics, place their music on low budget Mixtapes. A rapper will dream forever only listening to their own ideas of how to promote music. Think about it, if you're still in the same situation with your music career you was in last year. Something is definitely wrong.
To be a independent artist you must invest in marketing campaigns, people must be talking about you. As a independent artist you must travel & do promotional shows in different cities. Don't just do shows month after month without building a fan base. Because all you will be doing is wasting your time. To be a independent artist you must build your social media up. Stop being a rapper 2017 is almost here! Be successful stop dreaming you are not a star! Nobody knows you! You are actually dead when it comes to the music industry! People in your city don't know you! Remember you should be the hottest artist in your city! If you're doing the same lame shows & other things other artists in your town is doing you will never make it! You all will be in the same position. Wake up & become a independent artist!

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