The reason most indie artists will never make it in the music industry. Is because they don't understand the business of music. All they see is the fame. Most don't even know about EPKs, BIOs & other important business documents. Remember your homeboy can't be your manager if he or she don't understand the game. Because that's exactly what it is a game & you must play by the rules. Reverbnation, Soundcloud & Datpiff will not help you if you don't have a hit record or a image the public will accept. Why drop mixtape after mixtape when nobody is really supporting you? 300-500 likes are worthless if you can't get a paid show in your own hometown. Alot of artists already think they are famous. Sad! But it's true. Most will forever work a 9to5 job until they just give up on the music. Why? Because they listened to the wrong people about the music industry. Just because someone takes pics with famous stars don't make them a manager. By the way no artists or label will invest money in a indie artist that's scared to invest in themselves. Being from Cleveland Ohio. & now living in Alabama I see alot of artist who would just kill to do open mics. Ok didn't you do this 4-5 years ago? Sooner or later you will be doing open mics with your grandchildren. Stop dealing with people just because they say they know A&Rs in Atlanta. Move & handle your own business independent. All you need is a distribution outlet marketing & promotions. Remember its all on you! Wake up learn the business or stop doing music.

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