Why you're not getting paid For your music?

getting your music in ITunes, Amazon & Other online stores is just the first steps to sale units. You must have marketing & promotions to reach buyers. Posting Your buy links on Facebook all-day will not help you sale your music. You must have all your business in order. You should have your publishing in order also remember this is a business & in every business you must have a budget for marketing. No matter how good you think you
are or how naked you get on your facebook page. No one will buy your music!!! Don't let so called friends blow your head up. Or amateurs that think they know the business. Be honest with yourself & grab a book (learn the business) just take a look around your city & look at the artists in Your town doing the same things every weekend opening up & performing for free. Without getting the music to the major Djs & the streets. Rap or R&B you must have a budget for promotions & connect to the national Djs. This will be the first steps to getting people to buy your music. Now you can read this learn from it & go out & get to the money. Or you can read this get mad & stay broke!!!!!

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