Why? Get magazine placements?

Getting magazine & blog placements are very important to promote your music projects. Most magazines & blogs have over 1.5 million readers. This will get more people looking at your videos & reading about you. If they like your music they will follow you on all your social media sites. Remember they must like the music! People will only buy what they like or love. So the main reason to get in some major magazines is to get the feedback & see if the public likes your music. It doesn't matter how good
you think your music is. It's all up to the public to decide if they are going to support it. Now if you don't get your music in magazines / blogs you will not get the opportunity to advance your career. Because people will not know of you. Posting on facebook all day will not cut it! People will not click your links. It's better to look & be professional & get your music in blogs & magazines. Magazine placements will not make you a star over night. Unless you have a track that is a hit & everyone is talking about it & you're getting thousands of views. Yes! It starts with the music! Your songs can't sound boring or outdated! Your music must compete with everything that's on the radio. It must have catchy lyrics & a great beat. You also must have a image. You can't look & act like every other recording artist. You must look like a star! Your business must be together. Having monthly promotions will help. Because if people see you constantly in different magazines each month some of them will eventually start to follow & stream or buy your music. Remember the music industry is about being patient & building your brand. Nothing happens overnight!

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