What Is Your Manager Doing For You?

What is your manager really doing for your career in the music business? Most artists do not succeed because of management. & some artists will blame their distributor or label. Now let's take a deeper look. The labels job is to get the music into stores. Rather online or physical. The label gives you opportunities to submit your music to as many blog radio stations & indie digital magazines. Most labels does this to see how well a single or album does on a small platform. After all submissions are made now it's up to management to get all emails from label / Distribution to follow up with the outlets making sure their artists are following the outlets on all social media sites. Management must make sure artists are always updating their twitter page because believe it or not twitter is one of the top sites for music promotions. After the first level of indie promotions. Management should reach out to label about major promotions. But this level can't be achieved if your management haven't took care of your business at the indie level. Management must answer all emails plan shows keep up with information at the label, send label new updated pics of artists. Setup meetings when management needs to know something or artists. Bottom line every relationship needs communication. Now lets not just blame the management! Artists need to start stepping up when their management is sleeping on the job.

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