Universal On Tour Looking For Talent!!! Sign Up Now

Sorry!! But if you believe this you are a damn fool!! Do you think a major label really needs to go on tour to find acts? No! Record labels dont care how good you rap or sing. At the end of the day its about numbers. No real A&Rs from major labels will charge you $100.00-$200.00 for performance slots. Do your homework call universal or defjam or interscope. They will tell you its a scam!! Ok. You still have faith because someone you thought knew about the business was supporting it. Smh ok do this!! Sign up see how many people show up. Also check the venue because if it's in a night club or some cheap building. You have already been scammed. Also be sure to find out who won so you can keep up with how they are doing. If they still posting in facebook music groups. They didn't get a major deal but spent money on nothing. But a dream!!! People sale dreams everyday!!

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