Most artists dont focus on timing
or focusing on one song at a time.
many indie artists drop songs after songs
with no promotions or marketing. Many wait too long to even invest in one song.
why would you have a good song and
only share it on facebook? You should have that song on YouTube, Vevo including all video outlets. Your next step
should be getting it to national radio markets outside your city to build a fan base. Stop saying you're trying to build a fan base when you won't invest in marketing or radio campaigns. Remember this is a business. The artists that understands are the ones that's successful. Don't be dreaming about blowing up make it happen stop following what other indie artists are doing focus on building relationships with major DJs outside your city travel to other markets with physical CDs to sale and give away. You must be constantly moving and getting your single to as many people as possible. Remember again this is a Business!

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