Thats Not A Listening Party!!

A listening party & a get together are two different things. A get together is when you invite friends out to listen to your new music
this is actually a waste of time. Think about it. Did they buy your last project? NO! Because friends are not consumers. They will tell you that you have a hit record just to put a smile on your face. But after they leave your event its back to everyday life. Because they are not the ones that can break your record. Most artists that don't know the business will give up shortly. Most just think they know it all or get tied up with a amateur manager. The correct way to throw a listening party is to first find the biggest most popular club in your city. Invite the top radio Djs & Magazine / Media outlets. These are the people who are able to break your record. Next step is to make a add in your local news paper. You should have flyers & posters for the event. Invite bloggers & people you don't! Know to get honest feed back. Now this is the correct way. When you learn the business it will make your life better. Get paid sale units or keep your day job.

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