T.E.A.M (why youre not successful with your music)

Why your music is not moving any units?
80% of artists are like hoes jumping from management to management or indie label. Most of them will blame the label or management. When they feel they are not succeeding. But let's take a closer look. Did you promote & market yourself? Did you have a budget for FM radio? Did you have a budget for indie magazines & major magazines? No!!! Did you press up CDs & get out in the streets & sale them? No!!!! Did you throw a album release party? No!!!! Most artist don't know the real work it takes to put out a project. No indie label going to invest a penny if you don't invest in yourself. But let's forget about investing. The best thing you should do is (READ) about the music industry. Don't look at major artists & think its a. Piece of cake because you will have to work your ass off to succeed. When you wake up music should be on your mind. When you're eating music should be on your mind. Because only the strong will survive this game. & you must!! Be a team player always stay in contact with your distributor or label. Ask questions don't assume anything. Everyone always talk about a team. Well it's many people out here claiming what they can do for a artist. But the reality is the artist must do for self first. Nobody can put you in the game. Nobody has a plug!!! You are the plug!! Get out sale some CDs. Make flyers to pass out. Stop posting your music in facebook groups. This is the worst thing a artist or manager can do. Why promote your music to other artists? This is just stupid & a waste of time. Stop traveling to all these ghetto hood shows performing in front of other artists. Why? Waste your time they will not purchase your music. Remember the goal is to make money from your music. Most artists will not listen at all. But that's ok..... We will see you doing the same things next year. #work

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