Success Is Not Free!!!! Invest

In today's world everyone thinks they are a manager,record label, or artist. Some have never been in the major industry. Having a soundcloud & facebook page doesn't make you a artist. & having distribution doesn't make you a record label. The goal is to learn as you go, listen to people that may be able to truly help you. Alot of uneducated rappers & singers. Think a distribution company or record label is supposed to blow them up. Or they ask the stupid question " What can the label or distribution outlet do for them? It's not what we can do for you. But what can you do for yourself? Do you have a budget to get on top major sites? Have you recorded a hit record that major Djs would play? Do you have a real EPK & not reverbnation? Do you have a marketing and promotional budget? If not you are not ready for the music industry as a artist. Too many artists thinks this is a get rich and famous game overnight. The truth is, maybe you don't have a hit record. Maybe you need to learn to write better songs. You cannot be mad with your label or distribution outlet. Take time to get better most major artists took years to get in the game. By working hard at their craft. Also you can't be doing the same things other local artists in your city doing. Such as open mics. Asking you to pay $100-$200 because they have reps from universal records coming out. Are you really that stupid? Call universal music group call defjam ask them does these people work for them. You will be surprised. And don't fall for the so called manager or distributer. That's always showing pics of them with different stars & industry professionals. In reality these artists & industry people don't know them at all personally. Carrying someone bags on tour doesn't make you a manager. Also artists stop thinking you know everything. In this business it's something to learn every day. So if you really want to be successful make a hit song. Have your budget together, contact someone who's able to get you to the majors outlets. And get your music off CD baby & soundcloud. Get worldwide distribution. But most of all put god first stay focused & make quality music.

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