Showcase Scam!!!

The biggest scam in the rap game is
showcases. A Indie artist may pay $50-
$250 to perform for other artists &
people in the business that can't or has
no attentions on helping them. Most industry people are paid by the promoter to show up & host the event. Everyone gets paid!!! But not the artists all performers. Rap/Sing & go back home broke!!! No record deal!! But its always a prize to get you involved. Maybe free radio play on a station only other artists listen to or free promotions. No real promotional campaigns. & they will also include a $500- $1000 prize. Only people that will win the money will be a artist the promoter already manage. This is not to help any artist advance in business. Remember the industry is all about numbers if T.I. Was at the event you will not get a record deal. You must first have a hit record & a buzz!!! Not a couple of your friends telling you that you have a hit record.

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