Scared money don't make money

so you want to be a famous rapper? So you think posting in facebook music groups all day will blow you up? So you think shooting videos & doing shows every weekend will get you notice? So you think you don't have to invest in marketing & promotions? You are dead wrong! This type of thinking will keep you working a 9 to 5 & dreaming of making it big. You must have your music on many platforms including national & indie Mixtapes. If you're not the hottest in your city stop rapping! If you're scared to spend money stop rapping! Without promotions you will stay in the same position you was in last year! Alot of rappers always saying this year is their year & nothing happens! Remember don't blame no one but yourself! We have seen artists with no talent blow up with a major fan base because they understand the business! If you're not about business stop trying to be a artist or you're going to embarrass yourself & your family when you never make it. Think about!

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