How to really get booked for shows

So you have sold a couple digital downloads & your royalty payment was $100 This does not mean you will be booked for shows. So what does being book for a show mean? Ok well first you are being paid to perform at a venue. Doing open mics are not the same. To really get booked you must have a fan base. Most start up managers will blow a artist head up. Telling them they
are the next big thing since sliced bread. Offering them shows but no pay. Artists must understand really how the business works. No one is going to pay to see someone without a hit record or someone they don't know. Having digital distribution is not enough. You will need marketing campaigns and promotions. Now ask yourself what blogs are you featured in? What magazines are you in? Do you have FM radio campaigns? Are you out in your city getting sales from your music? If you're not you will never reach your goal. No management will be able to help you if you don't help yourself. Now ask yourself is your music really good? Are people just saying it's good because they know you or are family? The first step is to get real feed back from people you don't know. Making good music will increase your sales. Putting music in digital stores will not guarantee sales. Most artists music stays online for years & only make pennies. Why? Because nobody knows about your music. Everything works together (distribution/promotions/marketing)

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