Get your music promotions to media outlets

Get your music,video or presskit.
placed on top industry blogs & websites.
If you have music distribution this is something you must have. The more promotions and marketing you have. The more you will be able to sale your music.
while creating new fans.
we will email you detailed links to all the sites your music has been submitted.
20-35 sites =$125.00 includes email blast to 10,000 media outlets
40-50 sites =$225.00 email blast included
55-100 sites =$400.00 email blast included this package also includes 40,000 media outlets
for music videos send link to video include your press release.
for music send link to music.
include your press release
Sample of list we will place your music
239 hip
& many more

to place order contact us at 1-800-943-8861 ext 800

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