Don't take advice from another indie artist!!

Most artists don't know the business of music and will listen to anybody. Why would you take advice from someone who doesn't have a fan base or haven't moved any major units? Being a independent artist is not about making music and posting about you're the hottest thing since sliced bread! To achieve any success you must study the business and follow the rules. The first rule is patients nothing happens over night!
Do you know it takes 3-5 years to break a new artist? Do you know you will need a REAL budget for your music? Please stop letting people sale you dreams and stop thinking you know it all! A major label A&R can not help you get signed or move your career in the right direction. Facts! Most A&Rs are paid from services they provide artists. So lets say a A&R loves your music. Now you're thinking you're on your way to be a super star. No you're not! Because the A&R must show to the executives that you are profitable!
You must have solid & REAl YouTube views and a fan base. They want to know how many spins you're getting weekly on the radio, what magazines are talking about you. But most importantly how many units have you sold on ITunes etc. Without all this information you're just dreaming no major label will take you seriously. Especially if you're not getting paid shows 5k- 10k a show. Social media can make you feel like a star but look in the mirror you are not a official independent artist.

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