Doing Shows & Staying Broke

so your manager or label tells you they have booked a show for you. But it cost $60-100 to perform. Now ask yourself, who will be attending this event? Any major Djs? Or Media outlets? Also will this be a show full of performers & not real fans? Most indie shows are nothing but artists performing for artists. Now how would you be able to sale CDs at the show? You wouldn't all this would be is a waste of your time & money. Some artist just rap to show off but why? when you leave the event you are broke? The goal is to make money from your work. Most artist just love to perform. But if you're over 20 you should be doing it as a career. Because you can perform & home for free. You should also ask the promoters how much are the tickets to the event & how many people they think the venue will hold. This is what you will need to also get your performance pay from ASCAP or BMI. You must let them know about all your shows. Now I bet your management didn't tell you that. Remember it's all about knowing the business. Anyone can make a song. But can you go out & get the money.

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