Do Your Label Run The City?

alot of artists / labels may think they run the city. But are they just releasing mixtape after Mixtape? Or are they putting out original music & getting paid royalties? Most indie labels & artists just do what they see major artists doing. A major artists can put out a mixtape & do shows for 10k or more. What are you doing? Going out of town doing free shows is not "Running the city" Do you have major distribution? Do you have a budget for radio? Can you get a paid show in your city? Are the national outlets talking about you & your movement? Everyone is trying to break into the industry but don't have a clue on how it works. You must first have good music & a budget. Open mics will not get you fans. Doing open mics only tell the public you are broke & would do anything for a deal. If you're not investing into your artists or label. You will not make it in this industry. My best advice is to keep your day job.

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