Do Alabama artists know how to promote?

Do alabama artist really know how to promote their music? Lets take a look & see why you are stuck in your city. As we pay close attention to most artist in this city we see artist doing the same things over & over. Release a mixtape post it on Datpiff & promote in the city for one month then its on to the next mixtape
Remember to really break a mixtape it takes at least 4-5 months. Also after you promote in your city you must reach out to other states & cities near by. Posting your music in facebook music groups is a waste of time. You will need real promotions and marketing. I also see major radio stations in the city having open mics. Why would you spend your valuable time to perform for a major radio station open MIC. When they wont play your music on the air? That's stupid!! Artists need to learn the business. Dropping Mixtape after mixtape. Also remember your hood only loves you on facebook. Get out and create real fans of your music & don't be afraid to invest. Most don't understand but the ones who do will always succeed. Do you think Doe B didn't invest? Yes he did!!! Same with the group Dirdy boyz. If you love doing music take it to the next level.

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