Distribution + No Promotions = No Royalties

Would you buy a car & never put gas in it ? Think about it!! Now why would you get distribution without real marketing & promotions? Every successful indie artist & major artist have a budget for marketing / promotions. Remember scared money don't make money. Distribution is to get your music into the stores. Marketing & Promotions is made to get your music out of the stores. Remember the key is to get paid from your talent. Everyday I see artists royalty statements at 0.00 or 0.02 in sales. As a Indie artist you should be getting paid in many ways. From physical street sales (CDs) Royalties online, Publishing royalties, & paid shows. But remember you can't get paid shows without promotions & marketing. Also, performing at every event in town or out of town will hurt your career. Don't follow what other unsuccessful artists are doing.

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