Are You Making $500.00 Monthly In Royalties?

Most indie artists are making nothing in 

Royalties monthly because of not having a fanbase. Being a artist is more than posting on facebook telling people to check out your music. if you're doing the same things you did last year with your music you are going to fail in the music industry. Most of you will give up and find another career or job to do. 3% will be successful by investing and traveling.

Yes! Traveling!  You can not be in the music industry without traveling.

Artists need to find a way to make money from music. Instead of thinking they are a star. If you're a artist with dad or mom as your manager. PLEASE find a real manager or be prepared to hate them when you find yourself working a 9to5 and not being a successfull artist.  Remember this is business nobody cares about you if you don't have anything to bring to the table. 

If you can't invest 20k in yourself and get out and travel stop trying to be a artist! 

You must have the proper finance in place 

That's what a indie artists supposed to have.

Why put out music when nobody is buying your music. 

Give up now!  Stop embarrassing yourself your family and friends. 

5k - 20k is a good start! 

But you must still be able to travel! 

Fans not going to just drop in your living room 

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