Are you a indie artist or rapper

Are you a indie artist? No you are a rapper. This is what rappers do= release mixtapes after mixtape. Post all day in facebook music groups, Perform at all the local clubs in the city. Tag friends on facebook & club every weekend.
How will this get you real fans? Most will never learn because they surround they self with people that don't know the business. Bad management telling them that they could get them a deal. Really? No label or major artist going to sign you if you don't have real fans. Or a regional following. Local friends are not fans they will never purchase your music at all. You need to focus on being a indie artist. So what does a indie artist do? First they put out good music. With marketing campaigns & promotions. Hire a PR team setup a promotional tour 5-6 cities. Drop music worldwide on Online platforms. Get music to radio the correct way. Get in national magazines & blog sites. Doing this will put new eyes on you. & you will look more professional. This is what a real indie artist does. If you don't follow these steps be prepared to fall short on your dreams.

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