A Good Song Will Not Get You Fans!

We notice alot of managers & indie labels that think they Know everything about the music business. Most havnt sold more than 10-100 records online. Spending $500-$1,000 on promotions will not help. If you dont have a HIT! Record. & follow simple steps!! Some indie labels put out 3-4 singles in less than 2 months. This is not smart at all. The goal is to focus on 1 single for 3-4 months. That will give you time to spread the single to more fans. Everything must be in order. Focus on building a buzz 2-3 hrs away from your city. Dont focus on the national radio stations in your city. Focus more on the club DJs. & people who DONT know you. You should be saling 50-100 CDs weekly. & attending as many events you can out of state. Having your music in rotation on a couple of stations is not enough. You must also contact radio DJs & service your music to record pools. But the first goal is to have a HIT record. It doesnt matter if youre in every hiphop magazine in the country! Without a HIT record nobodys going to listen or check your music out. A good song will not get you fans. But a great song will make you rich!!

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